Why the Good Scone?

Hello Friends!

With much anticipation, we have finally launched our first "Good Scone" product line! After years of testing, designing, and building our baking mixes, we are beyond thrilled to share our Allergy-Friendly recipes with all of you!

As I began to think about the world of blogging and what would be the topic of conversation for our first post, I initially thought of sharing a recipe! But then again... there will be a ton of time for those. Then I thought of sharing pictures from our booth at last week's Pacific Beach and North Park Farmer's Markets (which you should come to by the way!), but again, there will be lots of opportunities for all that good stuff! So as I pondered what I would share, what message I would like to communicate about our company, I decided I would take the time to answer this question....

Why The Good Scone?

Well you see, this isn't the first time I've been asked this lovely question. And to be honest, we like answering this question because it gives us an opportunity to share our story, to make our company memorable to customers, and to share WHY... Why we do what we do!

So here it goes... 

When I first came up with the idea to start a Gluten-Free, Vegan-Friendly baking company, I dreamt up so many names. Cute names, already-taken names, down-right weird names. I really wanted something clever, something that would "stick." After weeks of brainstorming, this tiny thought popped into my head... "So, What's your favorite?" ...Um??? I beg your pardon??? "What's your favorite thing to bake?" 

Well, you'd think i'd decide on some type of cake. After all, I started my career making wedding cakes, and I'm quite the sucker for a great banana cake....

But no, not cakes... hmmm, cookies? No.... brownies? No. 

I know ...SCONES!!!

Scones... That's it. Hands down, these are my favorite little guys to both make and eat. And the more I thought about these delightful little pieces of heaven, with their slightly flakey exterior, and tender fluffy interior....(Yes, I really like scones) ..... I thought how perfectly a SCONE represents our company and what we aim to do.

So let me break it down for you in three easy points:




Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.52.12 AM.png

Here at "The Good Scone," we aim to bring you SIMPLE ingredients; ingredients you can recognize and know are safe to eat. We use wholesome ingredients free of preservatives unlike so many baking mixes on the market. In addition, our mixes are designed to add a little SWEETNESS to your life; Particularly to people who are affected by food allergies... Because life is a little bit sweeter when you can indulge in a delicious treat, risk-free! Lastly, our company strives to disprove the idea that flavor has to be compromised if you possess a food allergy. Optimal taste is key, which is why our mixes are designed to taste like "the real thing," leaving your sweet tooth truly SATISFIED! 

So there you have it...

Just a little story to share WHY we do what we do. And if you promise not to tell, we'll let you in on a little secret.. Keep a look out for a SCONE MIX coming SOON! That's next on our list ;) And we highly encourage you to visit the recipe page and try some of our scone recipes using our All-Purpose Flour... We promise, you won't be disappointed! ;)