Product Promises:

“The Good Scone” ensures top-quality, trustworthy products in which we use only the best ingredients to create our mixes!
Our commitment to wholesome ingredients offers optimal flavor and the finest texture. 

Certified Gluten Free

Our baking mixes are Certified Gluten-Free through the GFCO & continuously tested to ensure the highest “Gluten-Free” integrity. 

Certified Vegan

All of our baking mixes are Certified Vegan and offer the alternative choice of adding accessible, vegan-approved ingredients to each mix (included within each instructional recipe).



We're committed to supplying our customers with trustworthy and sustainable food, which is why our products are all free of Genetically Modified Organisms — No lab-created ingredients here!

Refined-Sugar Free

Our baking mixes are free of refined sugar, in which we ONLY use quality evaporated cane juice that is fairtrade certified to create our products.

Free Of "The Big 8"

All of our baking mixes are free of the “Big Eight” (top eight food allergies within the U.S.), which includes Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soy, and Nuts.
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Fair Trade Ingredients

We use Fair Trade certified ingredients from suppliers that hold to the highest standard of trading relations. Our suppliers promote international sustainability, advocate for the payment of higher prices to exporters, and promote higher social and environmental standards. Some of our "Fair Trade" certified suppliers include "Wholesome Sweetners" and "Spicely Organics

Certified Kosher

Our baking mixes are Certified Kosher through the “Earth Kosher Certification Company"
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Sourced From The Best

We source our ingredients from the most respected and trustworthy suppliers in the industry, including: Bob's Red Mill, Wholesome Sweetners, Clabber Girl, and Spicely Organics.