“I made it my personal mission to create a product that was allergy-friendly, yet tasted like the ‘real thing!’”
— Tricia Fages

Tricia Fages, founder and CEO of The Good Scone, has spent several years in the wedding and events industry, owning a successful wedding cake and dessert company located in Southern California. As Tricia's company continued to grow, her passion for creating delicious pastries became greatly influenced by the needs of her clients. She came across a multitude of individuals with food allergies, such as to wheat, milk, eggs, and nuts.

“I would meet with clients time and time again who stated they, their husband, brother, mother, sister, or child had a food allergy, and they wanted a cake the whole family could enjoy. Overtime, I made it my personal mission to create a product that was completely allergy-friendly, yet tasted like the “real thing!” My standards regarding ingredient quality and superb taste was exceptionally high; there would be no compromise on flavor and wholesome ingredients was a must. My goal was very simple: I wanted couples, friends, and families to truly have their cake and eat it too. And this is where the Good Scone was born!

After years of perfecting our recipes, and continuously surprising our clients with a product that tastes like the “real thing,” we decided to take the next step and share our recipes with everyone! Unlike many gluten free products, our mixes are free of EGG, SOY, NUTS, and DAIRY – eliminating the top food allergies that impact the lives of more than 15 million Americans. Fast-forward to today, and our mission continues! We want to inspire people of all ages to take the time create something homemade with a product they can trust. From our kitchen to yours, please enjoy and bake with a full heart!"